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GSL Community Education is a Red Cross Learn to Swim Facility. Swimming opportunities for all ages and abilities.


SWIM LEVEL DESCRIPTIONS - Deadline is one week prior to the start of the class.

Preschool 1 & 2 - 30 minutes - Max of 4 students Must be toilet trained and able to separate from parent or guardian with ease while taking direction from an instructor.

Preschool 1 – Must be 4 yrs old - This is the first opportunity to participate in a swimming class independently.  Students will engage in various skills and games appropriate to their age level.

Preschool 2 – Must be 5 yrs old - Same format as Preschool 1 w/activities appropriate to age level.  Students should be comfortable in the water without a parent.

Level 1: Water Exploration - This class is for students who have swimming experience and are comfortable in the water without a parent or guardian. Students must be at least five years old.

Level 2: Primary Skills - Students will learn fundamental skills of propelling themselves in the water.

Level 3: Stroke Readiness - Coordinated front crawl, elementary back stroke, treading water, and safe diving skills introduced.

Level 4: Stroke Development - Develop endurance and coordination of crawl and elementary back stroke, introduction to breast stroke and turns.

Level 5: Stroke Refinement - Students will refine previously learned strokes, introduction of butterfly, open turns, spring-boarddiving and distance swimming.

Level 6: Stroke Proficiency - Develops polished strokes. Students will swim with ease, power, efficiency and smoothness over considerable distances.